How to replace fuel pump on Vectra C Z22YH engine

Takes 20 minuets. This you undertake at you're own risk

remove plastic engine cover just lifts off.

( "DANGER" This will release petrol "DANGER" )

you must take precautions to collect fuel and take precautions against fire risk.

depressurize fuel system using valve on fuel pump (1) same as letting tyre down

use 2 small screwdrivers to release fuel hose (2) (lift blue clips)

use spanner to remove pipe to fuel rail (3) (steel pipe will need slight bending to lift pipe free

remove 3 torx head bolts that secure pump to cam housing careful with gasket.

Fitting is reverse of  above the pump has a hex drive bolt that engages into camshaft

you might need to rotate pump to align pump drive drive.